11017697_880030648742282_889548883708457087_nUpward Learning Ministries has been developed for the purpose of connecting Bible-based educational ministries around the world with the hearts of God’s people.

A variety of schools, learning centers, and libraries have been carefully selected and developed that meet a high standard of Christian education while engaged in sharing the gospel around the world:

Students at Both Upward Learning Centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia represents 10 countries and while the school is taught in English, students speak seven different languages. They come from a wide variety of religious experiences and backgrounds often returning to their homelands to share the gospel.

Upward International Schools, Pines Academy Campus, in Magalia, California, not only provides a quality education for their students but also prepares them to go into all the world through mission trips which prepares their hearts for service. Students participate with adults from Magalia Pines Baptist Church who have been on mission in 28 different countries and states. Magalia Pines Baptist Church of Magalia, California, USA, is the foundation for Upward Learning Ministries and Upward International Schools.

St. Jude Kindergarten and Dale Munson Children’s Library  is being developed in the rural village of Bujumba, Kenya, Africa, to provide a pre-primary education, books, Christian based after-school programs, and materials for families. This will enhance the discipleship of their children for the purpose of expanding the gospel witness among the people of that surrounding area.


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